Northern Translation Brief: 2019 Translator Workshop Staff

Workshop Staff

Meg Billingsley (staff) consultant/instructor
Carletta Lahn (staff) Scripture Access Team Leader
Myles Leitch (staff) consultant/instructor
Ben Wukasch (staff) Mission:Literacy books facilitator
Dolores Sand (staff) Mission:Literacy books facilitator
Matthew Windsor (staff) project facilitator, instructor
Caitlin Windsor (staff) project facilitator, instructor
Hazel Windsor (3 year old) (staff child)
Eli Windsor (1 year old) (staff child)
Martin Reed (staff) project facilitator, instructor
Alice Reed (staff) project facilitator, instructor
Grace Reed (10 month old) (staff child)
Terri Scruggs (staff) Project Liaison
Ruth Heeg (staff) consultant/instructor
Jeff Green (staff) consultant/instructor
Steve Kempf (staff) consultant/instructor
Bill Jancewicz (staff) coordinator/instructor
Norma Jean Jancewicz (staff) coordinator/instructor

Observers, Guests

Mark MacDonald (guest) National Indigenous Bishop
David Standley (observer) Wycliffe Canada candidate
Avery Standley (observer) Wycliffe Canada candidate
Azariah Standley (1 year old) (observer) Wycliffe Canada candidate child
Beth Scott (observer) Wycliffe Canada Intern
Tom Scott (observer) Wycliffe Canada Intern
Josiah Scott (1 year old) (observer) Wycliffe Canada Intern child
Brandie Green (observer) Wycliffe Member Care advisor
Susanna Muntz (observer) Wycliffe VP External Relations and Engagement
Ruth Ciglen (observer) Runnymede Church partner
Don Richardson (observer) Runnymede Church partner
Chris Richardson (observer) Runnymede Church partner
Abe Koop (observer) Wycliffe Engagement Team advisor
Debbie Koop (observer) Wycliffe Engagement Team advisor
Trevor Kitt (observer) Wycliffe IT candidate

Thank you for remembering these in prayer now and during the workshop. Pray for their families back home, for their travels and health, and for God’s work in their lives.

April 7-12, 2019 Guelph, Ontario

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