Nick Graduates

Like Ben and Beth before him, Nick was home-schooled through elementary and most of high school. Like Beth before him, he took some classes at Norwich Free Academy, where he was unable to graduate because at NFA, home school credits do not count. Since his cohort graduated, he has been following Adult Ed classes toward his state high school equivalency diploma, or GED. Today he got it! Congratulations, Nick!

3 thoughts on “Nick Graduates

  1. Congratulations, Nick! Perseverence is the toughest part, sometimes. It takes character and self motivation to follow through and this makes a statement as to who you are. Keep on seeking His direction as we know that he has great plans for you. Best wishes for God’s grace to continue being displayed in and through you.
    Fred and Kathy Berkheimer

  2. Our Congratulations as well to Nick. We had an excellent sermon today from Rev. Tom Flanders, CM&A NE District Superintendent on Acts 16 – regarding Paul's guidance by the Holy Spirit. We are confident that the Holy Spirit will lead you Nick as you seek God's will for your life as part of the Body of Christ. Remember – Christ "..the power of God and the wisdom of God." 1Cor1:24

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