Thank you, Nicodemus John

This is NOT a “Northern Translation Brief”, but all our friends are welcome to read on anyway. Our son, Nicodemus, is a psychology/sociology undergrad at Trinity Western University. In his few spare minutes between coursework, papers, reading, exams and work, he also roasts his own coffee beans using a second-hand popcorn popper (you could Google this to find out more, but it’s so cool! He showed us the last time we visited him at home in Langley BC).

Anyway, a couple weeks ago he sent us a package with Easter gifts in it. It contained a jar of coffee beans that he had especially roasted for me, since he knows that I like to hand-grind my own coffee each morning. See this other post about how I got started.

Here are some pictures to say “thanks” and to share this with you too.

import April 16 2016 599

He wrapped all our gifts in paper and “tied up with string“. Easter Chocolate!

import April 16 2016 601And a jar of “Mexican Dark Roast” coffee beans!

import April 16 2016 646So, I got to work with my “Value Village” coffee grinder…

import April 16 2016 647Round and round…

import April 16 2016 648And five minutes later, out come the grounds ready to brew.

import April 16 2016 649Dump the little drawer into the brew basket, tap out the remainders,

import April 16 2016 651And we are ready to brew a pot of Mexican Dark Roast.

import April 16 2016 655Five cups ready in five more minutes.

import April 16 2016 657Pour and enjoy.

import April 16 2016 659Ahh! Thank you, Nicodemus John!

And for any friends reading over my shoulder, please remember to pray for Nicodemus as he has his final exams this week, Wednesday April 20, to Tuesday April 26; psychology and sociology 300 and 400-level undergrad classes.

Love, Dad (and Mom)

Nick at school 2015


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