Northern Translation Brief: 2023 Translator Workshop Staff

Workshop Staff (10)

Bill Jancewicz, (staff) coordinator/instructor, SIL AmArea
Norma Jean Jancewicz, (staff) coordinator/facilitator, SIL AmArea
Meg Billingsley, (staff) SIL consultant, instructor, SIL AmArea
Dan Grove, (staff) WBTC Project Liaison, Wycliffe Canada
Alice Reed, (staff), SIL Global Consultant Pool, instructor
Martin Reed, (guest) staff spouse, Wycliffe Canada
Grace Reed (age 5), (staff child)
Kai Reed (age 3), (staff child)
Jeff Green, (staff) instructor, CBS Director, Scripture Translation, Canadian Bible Society
Ben Wukasch, (staff) instructor, CBS translation consultant, Canadian Bible Society
Ruth Heeg, (staff) consultant, instructor, CBS (retired)
Tom Scott, (staff) instructor, Wycliffe Canada
Bethany Scott, (guest) staff spouse
Anna Scott (age 1), (staff child)
Julia Liu, (staff) Childcare volunteer, West Houston Chinese Church
Paulo Liu, (guest) Childcare volunteer spouse
Tabitha Liu (age 7) , (staff child)
Jayden Liu (age 5), (staff child)
Guests and observers (11)
Colleen Boyd , SIL AmArea North Language Services Coordinator, SIL AmArea
Carletta Lahn , SIL AmArea North Scripture Access Services Team Leader, SIL AmArea
Chris Pierson , SIL AmArea Staff Development – Associate Team Leader, SIL AmArea
Tom Woodward , SIL AmArea North Regional Director, SIL AmArea
Martin Reed, Wycliffe Canada Indigenous Partnerships
Chris Harper, National Indigenous Bishop, Anglican Church of Canada (TUESDAY)
Kevin Schlechter, CBS regional director, Canadian Bible Society (WEDNESDAY)
Gyoojun Lee, Wycliffe Chinese Diaspora Engagement Advisor, Wycliffe Canada
Anna Sklar, Prayer Ministries Communication Coordinator, Wycliffe Canada
Bill Gardner, East Asia Group IT Manager, SIL; retired professor, University of Guelph
Gord & Janice Sisler, donors and friends (WEDNESDAY)
(Some of the staff and some of the guests will only be with us for part of the week, most for just part of a day).

Thank you for remembering these during the workshop. Pray for their families back home, for their travels and health, and for God’s work in their lives.

November 5, 2023 Guelph, Ontario

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