Northern Translation Brief: Redrawing the Map

Our dear partners and “followers” (*),

In the last post, I had a map with a plan of our meeting with some Cree language speakers and church leaders at Prince Albert for the “First Nations Bible Translation Capacity-Building Gathering“. God is clearly still at work in these northern communities, and it became clear that the speakers of these languages do indeed want help from Wycliffe and the Bible Society with their Bible translation projects.

First Nations Capacity Building Map1aCheyenne and Marianne did come from the Naskapi community, and they shared effectively how God’s Word in their own language has deepened their relationship to Him. But one of the new things that we learned was the translation need in the “Severn Ojibwe” language. Look at the map where it says “Prince Albert”. Right under that sign are several isolated communities of Severn Ojibwe speakers, also known as “Oji-Cree”. Bishop Lydia Mamakwa, a speaker from the Kingfisher Lake Oji-Cree community, shared her heart’s desire to see the Scriptures made available in her mother-tongue. Her plea, along with the other priority projects put forth by the group, are the beginning of an initiative to answer all the remaining First Nations Bible Translation needs in Canada.

See if you can find the new locations on the map that were missing from the first one:

unlabeled CNM mapWe meet again by Conference Call this week with the working group to plan our next steps towards these goals:

  1. Acceleration and continuation of the Plains Cree Bible Translation project.
  2. The establishment of a Bible Translation and language development project for Kingfisher Lake Oji-Cree and the surrounding Oji-Cree communities.
  3. The establishment of a Bible translation initiative that would result in a cluster of several Cree dialects working on the translation of the same books. This cluster could get its start with a series of workshops to train Cree speakers from each participating community in Bible translation and literacy (reading and writing) which could also include Naskapi from Quebec, Oji-Cree from Ontario and Mushuau Innu from Labrador.

Also, be watching this space during the coming week for a serial version of our Summer Newsletter that was mailed out today.

Serving with you, Bill and Norma Jean

(*) I understand that people who do websites like this one, that some call “blogs”, also have “followers”. You may apply “partner” or “follower” to yourself as appropriate.


10 thoughts on “Northern Translation Brief: Redrawing the Map

  1. That’s great that Cheyenne and Marianne were able to encourage the others with stories from their experience with God and his Scriptures. May the Lord empower the translation team so that the Oji-Cree can experience similar blessings.

  2. Bill & Norma Jean, I appears that God is on the move and it is exciting to see hear what is taking place. We will be praying that His Spirit continues to provide wisdom, unity, and direction to bring His Word to people in their heart language.
    Fred & Kathy

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  6. Hi Bill and Norma Jean
    Linda and I are going to FL to see her 92 year old brother near Fort Myers. We will return March 31.
    If I can be of any help, I’m at your service, even though I am writing the Mi’gmewei grammar Tallugweg `Ntli’sutiminen.

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