Summer 2014 Newsletter (Part 3)

In the previous post, we described a strategy for meeting the remaining translation needs in Canada by multiplying the work begun with Naskapi–building Bible translation capacity in the First Nations communities in Canada, and tells of our plans for a trip across the country to visit First Nations communities and work with the Naskapi team. This post completes our summer newsletter with personal notes and contact information.

Living on the “west coast”

While Norma Jean is completing her MA program course work in British Columbia, we expect to remain based here to be close to Trinity Western University through the first half of 2015. We are able to support the ongoing Naskapi work by e-mail and Skype, while deepening our linguistics and academics through networking with CanIL staff and students.

Family Mattersfamilypix2014

Our son Nick is continues his studies in social work, and continues his enrolment in the undergraduate program at Trinity Western University. He will again be living on-campus in the dorm here. This summer, he’s pleased to be working full-time as a technician at a local sporting-goods retail outlet. It has been great to have him nearby.
Elizabeth and Eric are living in Connecticut, pursuing their musical and artistic endeavors. We are so proud of their accomplishments. Elizabeth continues to be involved in First Nations work by beautifully illustrating some of our literacy books.
Ben and Tamika live with their two children in Baltimore, and have been out to BC several times this year to see us. It is great to connect with them and especially our grandchildren Nya and Arion.

Thank you for your prayers for our ongoing work and school, as we continue to serve and look with anticipation toward the expanded roles God has given us in First Nations Bible Translation across Canada.

Serving with you,
Bill and Norma Jean Jancewicz / 25133 0 Ave / Aldergrove, BC / V4W 2H4 CANADA
home phone 604-381-4440 (still no cell phone… yet!)

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Translation Brief 04Nov2013 “FAQ”-1

Our dear partners,

A few weeks back we sent out a newsletter [link] to everyone, and from the responses we got from many, it seemed to raise more questions than answers!

So I thought that it would be good to send out some answers to those questions most frequently asked. “FAQ” has become a regular feature on many websites, in an attempt to anticipate those questions (Q) that are most frequently (F) asked (A). Unlike such websites, we had not anticipated the many questions that were raised, but we will take this opportunity to answer those which occurred most frequently since that newsletter.

(1) “Why did you move to British Columbia?”map of 2013 travels west

Most questions like this one were expressions of surprise that we had moved at all! We apologize that we had not made this clearer in earlier messages. Last January [link] we mentioned Norma Jean’s plans to pursue graduate studies of her own to in mother-tongue and multi-lingual education, building on her experience and work with Naskapi and Innu. At that time, she had not yet been accepted into the program at Trinity Western University here in BC, so we were still waiting ourselves for that direction.

At the same time, our son Nicodemus was considering his own transfer to Trinity Western University after having completed two years at Three Rivers Community College in Connecticut. When both Norma Jean and Nicodemus were accepted, our plans started to become more clear.

In order to better serve the Bible translation and language development needs of Naskapi, Innu and other First Nations people groups across Canada, we have been encouraged by our Wycliffe field administration to continue our professional development which includes completing our graduate degrees. Bill accomplished this during five summers at SIL-UND, and earned his MA in linguistics. Norma Jean started her MA program in August here in British Columbia. The program Norma Jean is taking has components that help broaden her insight into language education for First Nations people, which she has already been involved in for several mother-tongue communities [link], [link]

It has also been a great opportunity to be here where we can connect with Nicodemus and encourage him in his own undergrad program.

Another answer to a “Frequently Asked Question” coming soon!

Serving with you, Bill and Norma Jean Jancewicz